about us

Sketch Architecture Studio (PJS) private joint stock company
Sketch is architecture and interior design firm founded by Eng. Hemmat in 1388. The firm started its activities in the architecture field with formerly named Arabesque studio. Supported with highly professional expertise and specialized services along with modern technology, the firm is formally entered into the business activities in 1391. The firm decided to change its name from Arabesque to Sketch in 1393 for some reason.

To most effectively serve our clients with quality, accuracy and speed, Sketch is organized into three distinct departments: architectural design, construction architecture, and rebuilding and restoring which are described below.

Department of Architectural Design
Unique and innovative idea and thought, the most important part of the human creatives, are behind our design process. The art, science and creative thinking about crafting the ideal work of architecture in most important stage of structural and aesthetic of architecture is clear in our practice.
Sketch Architecture Studio
Our talented and creative employees are the key to make our clients successful and satisfied. We work collaboratively with clients throughout the design process to reach consensus and move projects forward to successful completion.

Department of construction architecture

Constructing the right architecture with innovative and effective method along with adding high quality at work and cutting its expenses, will change the space to the finest aesthetic.

Department of rebuilding and restoring

The intention of restoring and rebuilding is to make the old business office and residential space look beautiful and modern to the spirit of our surroundings. After preparing budget and the list of functional and visual-spatial requirements, we take our steps moving forward to make client’s vision true by considering aesthetic of architecture. We offer high quality, modern and architectural services to our clients making aesthetically pleasing space for them by exploitation of talent and professions.